Are you the same as Jumperz Zone?

No. Jumperz Fun Zone, Orange Park closed several years ago and, though Vertical Motion now occupies the same building, we are a different business who’s able to accommodate a wider age range of players 

How tall are the climbing walls?

Our tallest is 12 feet and lowest is 6 feet.

Is there an age limit to play?

No, we make sure there’s something for everyone. On some attractions, we can even adjust the height and/or difficulty level to match the age of the Gamer.

Is there a time limit on play?

No, once you pay admission you can stay and play all day. You can leave and come back on the same day without paying for admission again.

Is there a waiver?

Yes, we do require a signed waiver to enter. You can sign in person OR online  The person signing must be at least 18. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver and present that person’s picture I.D.

Do I need to wear special shoes to climb in?

Shoes are allowed for climbing, but they must be rubber-soled and closed-toe (like tennis shoes). We require slipper socks for ALL game play, but give them to you free with admission on your first visit. But be sure to hang onto them as future pairs are $2.00/ea